Here’s what students have said:

‘Yoga is now part of my weekly, if not daily, routine. I am now more composed and find it easier to settle myself when I feel anxious. I am also feeling better physically, am more mindful in my body, am more flexible and my blood pressure is down. My doctor described me as “completely changed” from when he met me two years ago!’


‘Thank you so much for teaching and supporting me in my yoga practice. Your classes have played a special part in opening the way to my living a more joyful and mindful life.’


‘Leelee’s classes and her teaching practice are truly inspirational. She has created an energetic healing space that greets you with a warm and loving embrace when you enter each class. Her classes affirm the value of presence and deeper awareness and the disciplines of self-care and body awareness that really are so essential to navigating life and all the challenges it presents.’


‘My self esteem is now three dimensional since I have taken the journey with Yoga Presence. I have blossomed over the year, each week, with Leelee’s teaching. She gives light and allows her students to find theirs.’


‘Thank you so much for all you have given to me. Yoga has been one of my few “rocks”. You are an inspiration and a most beautiful teacher and mentor, both inside and out.’


‘I feel blessed to have Leelee as my yoga teacher. Her wisdom and knowledge are an inspiration. Her teaching is professional while her warmth and compassion are tangible. Classes are a wonderful balance of the physical aspects as well as the meditative and spiritual elements of the yoga teachings. Thank you, Leelee, for your presence in my life and your kindness.’


‘I started yoga for a sports-related injury four years ago and with Leelee’s guidance I have come to appreciate the relevance of yoga to all aspects of my life.’


‘Yoga has been a part of my life for nearly two decades, with the focus of past yoga studios being the traditional asanas and practice of elementary meditations.  Yoga Presence goes beyond these fundamentals; exploring the principles underpinning yoga and teaching meditations for everyday living alongside the well-known asana practices.  I believe Yoga Presence models the ideal balance between physical, mental and emotional well-being we are all striving for in our busy lives.’


Welcoming. Life-Changing. Joyful.