What should I wear?

Anything that is comfortable and that you can move in.  The studio is air-conditioned in Summer and preheated and toasty warm In Winter so it is a good idea to dress in layers.

Do I need to bring anything?

No. The studio is fully catered to your needs for class. We have mats, yoga props (such as bolsters, blankets, blocks, eye pillows) ready and waiting for you (you are welcome to bring your own mat if you prefer). Just show up to class and let us take care of you. There are props for sale at the studio if you would like to purchase for your home practice.

I’ve never done yoga before, does that matter?

No, beginners are most welcome. Classes are open to everyone and Leelee will help you modify your practice if needed. Be warned: once you do your first class, you won’t look back!

I am experienced with yoga asana, will classes be suitable for me?

Most definitely. Classes are designed so there is enough scope to extend your poses and practice as much as you require at the time.

Do I need to book?

Yes. All classes are by term attendance only and book out quickly. As there are limited places there is often a waiting list. You can book here.

Is yoga a religion?

Yoga is not a religion and will not interfere with any belief system or religion. If you already have a prominent spiritual practice in your life you will be surprised by how much yoga aids in deepening your connection and devotion.

How many classes should I come to?

Yoga is an ancient philosophy and practice, the more you do, the more you will benefit. It’s recommended to start with one class a week and then build up your practice. We’re confident that you will start to see the benefits straight away.

I have an injury, are classes safe for me to attend?

Yes, of course. Yoga can often be really beneficial for injuries as there are always modifications and adjustments that can be done to provide the safest and most rehabilitating experience. Yoga Presence emphasises fitting the poses to bodies, not the other way around. It’s important that you discuss your injury with Leelee prior to commencing class.

I have disability, a chronic illness or significant health challenge. Is yoga suitable?

Yes, of course. Yoga can often be really beneficial for health challenges as there are always modifications and adjustments that can be done to provide the safest and most rejuvenating experience. It’s important that you discuss your needs with Leelee prior to commencing class. Yoga therapy is highly recommended for someone experiencing chronic illness or injury to see real results and deep, lasting change.

What can yoga therapy help with?

As a registered Yoga Therapist Leelee is qualified to assist clients with the therapeutic use of yoga to address a broad range of medical conditions and physical ailments. Find out more about yoga therapy here.

I am pregnant. Are these classes suitable?

Over the years Leelee has had many pregnant ladies safely attend her classes to term. Leelee will advise how best to modify practices or offer alternatives to ensure the safety of you and your baby. It is essential that Leelee is advised of your pregnancy as soon as known or at the time of joining class.

What can I expect in my first class?

In a nutshell, you may arrive busy and bustling and leave floating on a cloud! By end of class, you’ll probably feel your energy expanded and magnetised and you may notice more than just a tangible feeling but a feeling that goes beyond your physical body.

Each class runs for 75 minutes and includes connection to the breath, limbering the body, asana and then concludes with a beautiful relaxation and/or meditation.

Will I feel emotional during class?

Sometimes yoga can encourage emotions to surface, often when we don’t expect it. These emotions can range from sadness to happiness and are nothing to fear. It’s all part of the process and you are incredibly supported and safe in Leelee’s classes.

Can I eat before class?

It is recommended to allow at least two hours between eating a meal and practising yoga. For 7.30pm students Leelee suggests eating the main meal of the day at lunch time and then a light snack around 5.00pm and/or after class.

What benefits does yoga offer?

There are so many benefits to yoga worth experiencing for yourself. Physically, you may experience more flexibility and strength, better breathing capacity and cardiovascular health. You’ll be afforded better mental clarity and wellbeing as your stress, anxiety and depression levels subside.

Yoga is a practice that contributes to the optimal health of your physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual wellbeing. It can help you strip away the distractions and clutter of everyday life, renewing and revitalising your soul and personal existence.

The more yoga you do, the more benefits you’ll experience – like never before! Check our About Yoga page.