Class Information

Leelee Donoghue Yoga Instructor

Yoga Presence classes are gentle and welcoming Hatha style yoga for all bodies, health and experience levels with enough scope to deepen the practice to your own ability.

Class sizes are limited for an intimate experience where students receive individual attention, with a focus on safety and personalised practice. You will leave each class feeling deeply nurtured on a physical, mental and spiritual level and come away feeling revitalised, with a fresh perspective on life.

Throughout every class you’ll be encouraged to stop and feel what is really happening in your body. Each session is naturally infused with an awareness of the pulsating, subtle energy that weaves its way through your body during class.

Yoga is a tool to help you explore your inner being, undo everything in your life that requires undoing and fortify all that is wholesome, powerful and unique within and around you. Leelee expertly guides students in befriending the self, leading them into a more blissful, content and healthier existence.

Experience a connection with yourself at a deeper level than you ever thought possible. Book a class now.

Intimate. Permeating. Personalised.